We're proud to announce our new Heavy Metal Cycling Club jerseys. Emblazoned with our refreshed HMCC logo and the official mascot of the Heavy Metal Truants, the charity cycling group that inspired the club, this is the ultimate in heavy metal cycling apparel.

These are a preorder, so please follow the instructions below if you're after one.

It's a temporary system with a two step process. 

Step 1
Set yourself up as a member on the HMCC page of the Endura website.  How you ask? Use the link below{D09902F1-7D78-43DE-81B1-F601FC3830E6} 
There will be a few fields to complete. Once this is done you will receive an email containing login information. 

Step 2:
Wait for the sign-up email and head to the orders page (found from the top menu). 
Jerseys are available in a range of sizes including women's fit, the jersey options are:   Pro SL Race Jersey relaxed fit  Pro SL Race Jersey. Longer or Shorter jerseys are available on request. To request this, order as usual, then tell Ailsa. She will add it to the order notes. She's on


  • When you order you will be asked for payment details. Money won't be taken until the minimum order has been met (5 of either Pro SL Race Jersey or Pro SL Race Jersey relaxed fit, this is across sizes and includes women's fit).  
  • Jerseys are £75 + VAT but if we get more than 10+ orders they are £64 +VAT. NB: this does not include the delivery fee. IMPORTANT UPDATE: we've hit our minimums, so jerseys will now be £64 +VAT/Delivery.
  • This ordering form will be open for 3 weeks, concluding on 22nd September. Endura will then begin production and we'll keep you posted when our new jerseys are on the way.