The smug self-satisfaction of rolling out while the world slumbers. The heady feels of conquering an ascent like an angry warlord. Smashing a beer in your face after a day's adventure like a marauding viking of yore. New bib shorts.

Yeah, we know.

We are a social club who cycle. Our abilities and our steeds may vary just like our tastes in music, but our commitment to sharing our love of joyful aches and the open road does not. We're not afraid of a monster ride as long as it's fun, but to us it's about smiles over miles. We operate on one rule: don't be a dick.

The HMCC was founded in London in 2014 as a way of keeping legendary charity  cycling group the Heavy Metal Truants together year round. Like that charity group which has raised over a million pounds for kids charities, we invite heavy metal cyclists from around the world to connect with us.

Our founding London chapter runs two types of rides mainly: Neon Knights -- a casual, evening city spin usually (okay, always) ending at a pub, and monthly club rides departing North, South, or West. We also do one-offs and pick-up rides. Come along to a ride and we'll add you to our Whatsapp so you can find out more.

Follow us on instagram, join the club on Strava, help yourself to our merch, and if you're local then join us for one of our rides. We may even give you a codename.

-Alex, aka El Topo